About EZGO


EZGO is a state of the art designed stabilization device for a standard 20, 30, or 40 LB propane tank. 


To prevent tipping, EZGO measures in length and width about 15 inches, this keeps EZGO stable while also keeping the product sleek, non-bulky, and easy for transport. What makes EZGO so unique are the eight supports around the center circle, these help keep the tank in place. The inventors and engineers also added "feet" to the four corners to maximize the safety and stability while transporting and securing your propane tank.

Because of the design, our product fits in almost all vehicles, so that our customers can safely and easily transport their propane tanks from destination to destination.


Once safely home, use EZGO to keep your "backup" tank upright and secure.  By design, EZGO keeps a tank off the ground, this helps eliminate that "rusty ring," which in turn helps protect a homeowner's deck or patio.  EZGO is also great while camping, tailgating, the RV, or any other outdoor cooking where a propane tank is required. EZGO is unique because we use no tapes, bungee cords, or other 3rd party devices to help keep EZGO secure.




  • EZGO is a great gift around the holidays, for birthdays, Father's Day, or a useful house-warming present!

  • The perfect gift for the "Grill Master"

  • Made in the USA and with recycled materials

  • Great quality, very durable

  • Ergonomically safe, 100% mobile

  • Special base surface and "feet" greatly prevents any sliding or tipping

  • No mess, no fuss, no problems

  • Helps keep your vehicle clean from transporting a dirty propane tank